Brazil Virtual Number: How to Get FREE Brazilian Virtual Phone Number

Brazil Virtual Number Get FREE Brazilian Virtual Phone Number
Have you heard of the so-called Brazilian virtual number – or just a virtual number? It is a feature that has been widely used by companies due to the series of benefits it brings.

Get a Brazil virtual number +55 (BR) to receive text messages (SMS) and phone layers.

Get a free virtual brazil number +55 to receive text messages (SMS) and telephone layers. Using virtual phone numbers you can use our  Chat and Call applications. We offer the possibility to obtain phone numbers from different countries so that you can receive SMS and phone calls.

So in today’s post, learn how it works and how your business can also benefit from buying a virtual number.

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What is and how does a Brazilian virtual number work?

A virtual number is a type of fixed number that works through VoIP telephony and is related to a DDD – that is, there is no fixed line for this virtual number since VoIP is a virtual telephone system.

In practice, when you buy a Brazilian virtual number, that number alludes to a DDD located in Brazil, without having to be located in that same DDD.

Let’s take an example: your company is located in São Paulo (DDD 11), but it constantly contacts customers in Belo Horizonte (DDD 31) and Rio de Janeiro (DDD 21).

The fact is that calling these DDDs often makes your company’s phone bill high. To resolve this issue, just buy a Brazilian virtual number with DDD 31 and another Brazilian virtual number with DDD 21 – with that, you only pay for the cost of a local call.

So, you are in São Paulo, but you have virtual numbers with area codes from Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro, paying for a local call every time you need to call. Did you see how VoIP facilitates the routine and economy of companies?

In fact, with the Brazilian virtual number, you have the same advantages of VoIP telephony when choosing which type of phone you want these calls to be forwarded to (fixed or mobile).

There are several types of Brazilian virtual numbers, but we will highlight two main ones:

  • DID Direct Inward Dialing ) number: this is what we explained above, that is, it is a number that works like a normal local call, but this number is referring to another location.
  • 0800 Virtual Number: it is an 0800 number, but it also works through VoIP technology. Understand here the differences between 0800 VoIP and 0800 analogs.

We can mention other advantages of the Brazilian virtual number for companies:

  • helps in expanding the business;
  • it is a competitive differential;
  • increases the number of calls, which can generate more business opportunities /
  • improves the relationship and service with commercial contacts located in other DDDs;
  • the virtual number reduces the cost of business telephony since it is expensive to maintain analog lines in different DDDs;
  • ensures team mobility, as calls can be routed to mobile devices with internet access (such as notebooks, tablets, and smartphones);
  • can be connected to the company’s call center and PABX.

How to get a Brazilian virtual number?

Well, as we said, the temporary cellphone number works through VoIP telephony. In this case, to buy it, it is necessary to purchase a VoIP plan for the company and request the addition of a virtual SIM number.

In fact, be aware that here at FaleMais, some of our VoIP plans already include a virtual fixed number – that is, in addition to the low monthly fee, you can also choose a DDD to refer to that extra virtual number you have purchased.

It is worth remembering that FaleMais currently offers the option of virtual Brazilian numbers for the following area codes:

  • São Paulo / DDD 11
  • Rio de Janeiro / Area Code 21
  • São José dos Campos / Area Code 12
  • Santos / DDD 13
  • Sorocaba / DDD 15
  • Ribeirão Preto / DDD 16
  • Campinas / DDD 19
  • Belo Horizonte / DDD 31
  • Curitiba / DDD 41
  • Florianópolis / DDD 48
  • Porto Alegre / DDD 51
  • Brasilia / DDD 61
  • Goiânia / DDD 62
  • Salvador / DDD 71
ISO code (2 digits)BR
ISO code (3 digits)BRA
Numeric ISO076
Name GEO3469034
Phone code+55
ContinentSouth America
TimezoneAmerica / Sao_Paulo
Language codespt-BR, es, en, fr
LanguagesPortuguese (official and most widely spoken language)
Area8511965 KM 2
Internet Providers (ISP)26,577,000
Internet users75,982,000
Mobile Phones248,324,000
GDP$ 2,190,000,000,000

Therefore, the next step to acquire your Brazilian virtual number is to choose the VoIP plan that best fits your business needs.