Best 12 Free call apps for Mobile VoIP Telephony

The advantages of the virtual telephone system include location independence and the possibility of using it on your smartphone. Many providers of online telephone systems provide their VoIP apps.

If this is not the case, you can use freely available call apps for Android, iOS, or Windows Phone. The call apps for IP telephony usually do not serve as providers here, which is why you must already obtain service in the VoIP area to use the apps. We present the most popular free apps below:

Best 12 free call apps for Mobile IP Telephony (VoIP) are:

#1 The Call App Zoiper: Our Favorite

Zoiper is our absolute favorite. Why? It is available for many platforms – not only for the smartphone operating systems iOS, Android, and Windows Phone but also for the computer under Windows, OS X, Linux, and much more.

So you can also make calls on your computer. With a file size of just under 20 MB for Android and almost 70 MB for iOS, it is one of the call apps that take up a little more space on the device, but this may also be due to the numerous functions that the app already offers in the basic version.

In addition to the integration of many providers, Zoiper integrates seamlessly into the native phone app (Android). Several SIP profiles can be created, and holding is possible as well as sending DTMF tones.

So that you can be reached even when the app is closed, a setting must be made in the Zoiper menu. The disadvantage: the app runs continuously in the background, which can affect battery life.

In the business version, which costs $ 4.99, there are other functionalities such as connecting, video support, and much more. However, if you only want to make a phone call, the basic version is sufficient.

This is rated in the Google Play Store as well as in the Apple App Store with more than four stars and is, therefore, one of the best-rated SIP Call Apps. Zoiper is compatible for Android from version 2.1, with iOS at least version 5.1.1 must be installed.

As already mentioned, several VoIP providers and providers of virtual telephone systems can be found in Zoiper’s provider selection. The Final is also integrated. Also , we can use a Virtual Phone number with VoIP.

If you use Zoiper on your smartphone, you only need to scan a QR code to set up with fonial, which we will issue to you in your fonial customer account. But even if you do not want to use the automatic configuration or cannot find your provider in the list, Zoiper is very easy to set up.

#2 VoIP mobile with CSipSimple

CSipSimple is also one of the popular apps and is similar in functionality to Zoiper. In contrast to Zoiper, CSipSimple is only available for Android smartphones.

Here, too, the user can expect a wide range of settings, the possibility of integrating several SIP accounts, an extensive list of providers, and even the support of encryption (TLS / SRTP / ZRTP).

CSipSimple can also be integrated into the smartphone’s phone app. For example, you can choose before each call whether it should be made via the GSM network or CSipSimple.

Visually, the app could be overhauled a bit, because it has remained in the style of Android 4 – however, optics can be argued. Nevertheless, CSipSimple offers a reliable call app with simple configuration and handling.

In the Google Play Store, users rated CSipSimple with 4.3 stars. CSipSimple requires less space when downloading than Zoiper: 8.5 MB is occupied by this app on the system. At least Android 4.0 should be installed on the smartphone.

Currently (as of February 2019), the app is no longer available in the Google Play store. Unfortunately, we cannot answer whether and when CSIPSimple will be available in the Google Play store.

#3 Media5fone: free premium app

Media5fone is often compared to the paid app Bria. In fact, with this app, you get a client with many functions. So Media5fone can speed dial and hold, offers a blacklist, supports the creation of a favorites list, and integration into the phone’s native contact list.

An extensive list of providers also makes the configuration of the app easier. Also, Media5fone is always accessible, even if the app is closed – this is not particularly gentle on the battery, but it guarantees its accessibility.

If you want to tease something out of the app, you can buy certain features, codecs, etc. Like Zoiper, Media5 follows a freemium model. However, the essential elements are usually sufficient for receiving and making calls.

In the Android version, Media5fone makes little information about the size and required Android version. These seem to vary depending on the device.

In the test device (Samsung Galaxy S6), this calling app occupied 11 MB, making it one of the leaner apps. The iOS version wonders a little more there: 31 MB must be taken into account here.

The Android version of Media5fone gets an average rating of 4.1 stars. The iOS versions, on the other hand, seem to be mixed: If the current version receives 4+ stars from the users with few ratings, it must be satisfied with three stars across all variants.

#4 Sipdroid: Little runabout among the SIP call apps

Sipdroid is an open-source project from IP-tel GmbH for Android-Smartphones and describes itself as the “forefather of some plagiarism.” Sipdroid clearly focuses on the telephony function.

This is probably why it is only 682 KB in size. It can be set in the app whether the call always goes via Sipdroid or the mobile network as standard or whether questions should be asked for every request.

We would have found it better if the “Ask every time” option was activated in the preferences, but that is also a matter of taste. Speaking of taste: Like CSipSimple, Sipdroid is designed in the Android 4 style.

However, the setup is simple: You only have to enter the SIP user name, the SIP password, and the server (at least when using fonial). It is possible to add up to 2 identities.

#5 WiCall

The WiCall call app is based on CSIPSimple and is available for iOS (from version 4.3), Android (from version 2), and Windows Phone (version 8 or 8.1) in many languages ​​(including German, English, Chinese).

The size of this app ranges from 7 MB (Windows Phone) to 9.1 MB (Android) in the middle. WiCall offers IP telephony over a WLAN or 3G / 4G network. For the latter, costs for data transfer may be incurred for this reason.

International calls cost $ 0.01 to $ 0.03 per minute. To do this, top up your prepaid credit. WiCall is one of the cheapest providers.

#6 MobileVOIP

MobileVOIP is a call app for smartphones with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone operating systems. You need at least iOS 5.1.1, Android 2.0, or Windows Phone 8.

The app can also be used on iPads and iPods touch. Here, too, you can make calls over your 3G network, UMTS or WLAN. Several national and international destinations can be called free of charge via VoIP.

If the destination is not there, you can make cheap calls to it using your credit in the app. Besides, your contacts can be synchronized in the app and offer you greater user-friendliness.

#7 Linphone

The Linphone call app is available for Android, Windows Phone, and iOS. You need Android 2.2 or higher, Windows Phone 8 or 8.1 or iOS 6.0 or later versions to use it.

This application can only be configured in English, Arabic, French, or Russian. Linphone is an open-source voice-over-IP softphone that is compatible with the SI protocol (Session Initiation Protocol). This call app also enables the integration of telephone contacts, provides a chat, and offers multiple calls.

#8 Sipdroid

Sipdroid is one of the most popular and, with a size of 1 MB, the smallest Android call app. The app integrates into the operating system of the smartphone and enables VoIP calls via WLAN or 3G / 4G.

With Sipdroid, you need a provider that provides you with the telephony function (e.g., virtual telephone system). You can also add Skype accounts and use them to make calls.

#9 Viber

The Viber app is not a classic call app. Although it enables calls over the Internet and offers messaging functions, all participants must be logged in to Viber.

The app synchronizes your contacts and shows you which ones are registered with Viber. Viber is compatible with Android 2.3, iOS 7, and Windows Phone 8 or higher and also enables use on tablet PCs.

#10 Zoiper

Zoiper is a standalone call app that does not offer the telephone service, but only the VoIP client. So you have to be registered with a telephony provider.

Zoiper advertises with a user-friendly interface and excellent call quality, even on older devices. You need at least Android 2.1, iOS 5.1.1, or Windows Phone 8. Zoiper is known for the lowest battery consumption, the highest stability and the lowest latency compared to other Android softphones.

#11 Skype

Skype is probably the best-known application for Internet-based telephony. You have to register with a Skype account and can make free calls to your contacts via the Internet or, with charged credit, to a landline or mobile phone.

#12 WhatsApp Call

Besides, “WhatsApp” has recently been offering an IP telephony function. As with Viber, you can only make calls with your WhatsApp contacts.

Due to questionable data protection aspects, with which WhatsApp has often come under criticism, a comparison of other providers is advisable. Do you know, you can create a WhatsApp account without any phone number.


There are many more SIP clients for Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones. It’s best to compare yourself with which functions you need and which call app suits you best. You can generate a free Virtual Number for OTP verification with these websites.

However, you should note that if you are on the move in the mobile network, you also have to pay for the data consumption – unless you have booked a  flat rate option.

Even abroad, where the available data volume is usually no longer active, you should always keep this in mind and dial into an available WLAN before using the call app. Also, check with your provider for virtual telephone systems to see if they don’t offer a suitable call app.