Best Websites to get a Virtual Phone number for OTP verification

Have you ever faced a time when you need a different cell phone number, whether to create a WhatsApp Account, make a record that insists on getting a cell phone number or even to make a long-distance call without having to pay a fortune?

Everyone has thought about how having a simple new number would facilitate or help you escape a very boring situation, right?

Whoever never needed, throw the first stone. But, I’ll tell you a secret: getting a cell number generator is much easier than you think!

Are you interested? So come check out the best apps to generate a virtual cell phone number.

On the other hand, there are also several websites from which you can acquire a virtual phone number very easily. Here is a brief list of some of the best alternatives available today :

Best Website to Generate Virtual Phone Number for FREE

There are websites that, in fact, are a hand in the wheel to solve problems, of the most varied possible.

In this case, it is no different. Check out some apps that will help you generate a virtual cell phone number quickly and easily, as well as providing some free phone service options.

 #1 Zadarma – Best to get a Virtual Number Online

Zadarma - Best to get a Virtual Number Online

It is a payment solution that handles different rates and is based on a website that offers virtual numbers, especially to those users who are not used to not limiting themselves while talking on the phone or, to establish a business without a territorial framework. Because, regardless of your location, you can connect a phone number wherever you want.

Thus, it is valuable to note that Zadarma’s virtual numbers are multichannel and thanks to that, your business clients will be able to call and will not miss a single call. It is also comfortable and easy to reserve, it supports immediate activation, it has apps for the main OS, and for companies, it provides a virtual switchboard integrated with the CRM system that will allow you to track all calls.

#2 Sonetel – Our 2nd Pick to generate a Temporary Phone Number

Sonetel - Our 2nd Pick to generate a Temporary Phone Number

From around 2.27 euros, this website allows you to answer phone calls from anywhere worldwide. Due to this, many users choose to use this option online to acquire a virtual number and, also, it already has more than a million companies that use its services.

In this sense, the website was implemented in order to allow entrepreneurs to become empowered in the most remote corners of the world since they can eliminate the distances from this telephone service and progress significantly by obtaining more clients with greater loyalty. It is valuable to note that it is a very safe website and offers a free trial from Android or iPhone.

#3 Receive-smss – Free website to Get Virtual Telephone Number

Receive-smss - Free website to Get Virtual Telephone Number

It is a somewhat different website since it is based on a free service from which you can receive SMS text messages and voicemails online very easily since you do not even need to register. So, once you access the website, what you will have to do is choose your phone number from the list that they offer you and that’s it.

As you will see, the website provides a long list of virtual phone numbers for a large number of countries, so that they can communicate with you as if it were a written or local voice message so that other people located in those countries do not have a greater I spend on it.

Among its best benefits, we note that it offers a remarkable speed to access and receive messages in real-time, and additionally, it exhibits great reliability when sending verification or activation codes once you join any of the numbers available there.

#4 Getfreesmsnumber – Free Receive SMS online

Getfreesmsnumber - Free Receive SMS online

Finally, we introduce you to this alternative that allows you to choose between several numbers to receive and verify any text message and also listen to voice recordings that are broadcast to you through your virtual number in different countries.

Thus, a service that has been designed as a solution for those users who do not want to reveal their real phone number and/or receive spam.

In addition to this, it is a free virtual number website that protects you in real-time. Since in case the chosen phone number of any country receives many SMS or blacklists, it takes care of automatically deleting us and then the number in use will simply be archived. So, for more security, replace the virtual numbers available with total frequency (until every day).